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ulla_smallulla, an imported Swede, came to Germany 25 years ago on her motorbike, a 1000s laverda, fell in love with a guitarist, moved to ulm and stayed. She comes from a cliché factory and has grown up with the clogshandwerk. she knows a few things about clogs, knows the Swedish scene and the Swedish scene knows her. at that time she was glad to have escaped from the parental workshop in a small residence and it was clear to her: "I will never work again in a clog workshop."

regine_smallregine worked as a journalist at the time. she has always loved clogs and grew up in Germany with the white classics with hole pattern. On a New Year's Eve party in 1999/2000 she had a chat with Ulla and had the idea to start her own brand. Ulla has from o.g. Initially rejected, but Regine remained stubborn.

2 weeks later it was in Regines red vw passat to Sweden to Ullas parents. There they rummaged through the old warehouses and the first Klox collection was created from the finds.

q & a hello

ulla & regine, why are you called klox-sweden?

qa_30309The name comes from the time when our clogs were completely made in Sweden. When Ulla´s parents retired, we brought the machines to Germany so they could control themselves and produce more flexibly. That's what we do, clogs, made in Germany, but from Ulla's Swedish hand.

How has the clogs scene changed over the past 20 years?

qa_303014Well, clogs are sprouting up in the air right now, creating a little hype with influencers in hip dresses promoting their naturalness and sustainability. This is a bit strange for us, because wooden shoes are sustainable from the start. They are made of natural materials and last for years. We produce from the beginning with green electricity, have only paper bags in the store. Pack in recycling cartons and pay for the shipment a co2 compensation. We also try in private to live an environmentally and philanthropic life. We have always done so.

What do you want to improve?

qa_2253We will become even more sustainable and shift our focus even further to vegetable-tanned leather. There are a few small tanneries in Germany that make great products and we enjoy working with them. Most of them also use German raw materials, so there are no long transport routes.

Do you also offer custom-made?

qa_2338Often, we make models from the current collection on soft base or as a peeptoe or as a klox 6 1/2. In addition, we can change the color of the base and customize the klox for high tension or wide foot. Even if you realize only when you wear that a change would be necessary, you can always ask us.

Who also does belongs to the klox collective?

qa_30302Eddy & Jochen make photos, Klaus programs, Hariolf helps with the print templates, Tine advises on design and Uwe is the man for the maintenance and leather talk on Fridays.

Do clogs give you fun after such a long time?

qa_30308Yes, wooden shoes are such a great product and we are always proud when we succeed in a new model that we would like to have in all colors. Besides, we cannot imagine a life without clogs, if we did not make them ourselves, we would always wear some. Clogs are simply natural, cozy & uncomplicated, they give you your rhythm back, we feel simply at home with them.

klox clogs

klox_labelare a registered trademark and only genuine with the red / white label on the right shoe.