care tips

Klox with natural leather

natur_seiteThe leather is vegetable tanned and may show irregularities. The clogs darken when worn. This effect can be achieved faster by slightly lubricating the clogs with leather grease.

Klox with smooth leather

profi_vit_lack_seiteTreat as little as possible, wipe stains with a damp cloth. Do not treat with softeners.

Klox with suede

svart_velours_seiteCarefully brush with a suede brush.


kuh_bw_kurz_seiteAre made from cowhide and can vary in color and hair length. Stains in the coat can be washed out carefully with a little water.

Klox with patent leather

roed_lack_seiteCarefully remove any streaks with pure acetone (pharmacy). Treat with paint care.


please keep klox always standing upright and never put things upon them, then the clogs form will be preserved for a long time.